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Credit Card Processing

Contact Today for Lowest Merchant RatesAs business owners we do everything we can to maximize our profits --- to put more money into our pockets.  One of the most overlooked areas of waste in businesses is the fees paid for credit card processing.  As I am talking with clients I am sometimes told they aren't interested in changing credit card processors because of the hassle involved.  Once they realize how much they might be unnecessarily spending every month, can potentially save, and how easy a changeover is the interest usually changes. 

As a representative for credit card merchant services, I strive to obtain the absolute lowest possible rates for my clients.   Having worked in sales for 40+ years I have always believed that doing what was best for my customer and not what was best for my wallet was the best practice.  With that in mind, while I often make less per account than some others might make, my clients save more dollars which translates into long term relationships for both parties.

A simple, straightforward evaluation of a business's credit card merchant statement can reveal an approximate amount of potential monthly savings.  While a rate as little as 1/10% lower can yield significant savings, my clients are usually surprised to learn their new rates will be significantly less. 

My company offers an extremely attractive package in addition to the lowest credit card acceptance rates. 

We offer:

  • No Contract
  • Free Equipment
  • Free Paper
  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Softcard Ready
  • Credit and PIN Ready with Internal PIN Pad
  • Supports Dialup and IP High Speed Connections
  • High Speed Transactions
  • EMV Chip Ready
  • 24/7 Phone Support!

After using your new service for a month, or any other period of time, you decide you are not satisfied, a phone call and simply returning the credit card equipment will cancel your service.  No contract! 

Think about the savings and get started todayDownload the PDF form application, email, or call.