• Turnkey Package
  • $4995.00
  • One Time
  • Includes weather and computer equipment, installation, and customized website. Includes 1st year support and hosting plan. Customer owns all equipment and website.
  • Shared Ownership
  • $2995.00
  • One Time
  • Includes weather and computer equipment, installation, and customized website. Includes perpetual support and hosting plan. Customer owns all equipment and website but shares income.
  • Financed Package
  • $1995.00
  • Down Payment
  • Same as plans 1 and 2 but includes 2 years of support and hosting plan. This plan requires $1995.00 down payment plus 24 monthly payments of $200.00. Customer owns all equipment and website when plan is complete.

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Website as a Turnkey Business

TupeloWeather.com has been serving the Tupelo and northeast Mississippi area since July 2006.  This website provides up-to-the-minute weather conditions which are taken from on-site precision weather instruments.  The website is updated with current conditions every minute. (as seen on the left side of this page)

Practically any small town across the United States can benefit from a locally run weather website.  While the National Weather Service does issue forecasts that are specific to most towns, it does not have local conditions available.  If someone is checking any of the weather apps for smartphones, the conditions such as temperature, wind, barometer, humidity, and rainfall that are reported are for the closest National Weather Service office.  Even though you generally cannot even find rainfall information.  Your new weather website will update rainfall and rainfall rate every minute in addition to all the other current conditions.  Provide useful, accurate information for your town and you might become the town hero!

I am now offering weather websites as a turnkey business opportunity.  Income is earned by setting up advertising for local businesses and can also be earned by advertising for many national businesses.  These and other aspects of the business will be discussed at a meeting with interested parties. 

I will install commercial weather instruments at your location along with other related computer hardware and software.  To operate a weather website the equipment must be at a location that has 24/7 Internet available.  The location could be at your customer's location where you might trade out advertising in exchange for Internet, electrical connection, and a suitable spot to mount the weather instruments.  I will work with the website owner to develop a color scheme that fits your community, if desired. 

In addition to the usual local weather conditions that are provided, those in farming communities might also wish to offer soil and leaf wetness and in some instances even solar radiation sensors.  An important note: The weather equipment used is the same package that is used by many universities and airports around the country. 

A healthy income can be made from ongoing advertising sales, which can provide an excellent residual income.  Get a start on your new business today by contacting Hue Collins.